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Warcraft Trivia

Anyone ever play Warcraft III?

My son (codename: mabobber) created his first quiz at Fun Trivia.

Sample questions:

  •  What is the first level of the Undead standard building?
  • Which unit harvests lumber?
  • Where do you get Banshees from?

4 responses to Warcraft Trivia

Kevin May 3, 2007

Bah – 6/10 🙁

Aaron Rhodes May 4, 2007

So this quiz site is funny. I created an account and it offered via e-mail for me to pay a monthly fee for a gold account that would allow me to answer quizzes all day long WITHOUT BANNER ADS!

Kevin May 4, 2007

It also allows you to create your own quizzes, take part in ‘special secret daily quizzes and – most importantly for 11 yr olds – removes the 800 total quiz quota. There is nothing sadder – for an 11 year old – to get to the end of your 800th quiz and find that you are not allowed to take any more.

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