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‘Real’ or ‘Fantasy’ ?

My comment about ‘real’ or ‘fantasy’ reminds me of our sit-down conversation with our oldest clown when it was time to tell him about the fantasies that parents make up for their young children’s amusement.

The conversation went something like this:

Parents: You know, Dylan, there are somethings that parents make up to amuse their children. Can you guess what they are?

Child: God?

Parents: Er. OK. That’s one, but that’s not the one we had in mind! Any more?

Child: Tooth Fairy?

Parents: yep.

Child: That was you? Dammit! Will I still get money when I lose a tooth?

Parents: Sure. Any more?

Child: Santa?

Parents: yep. But don’t tell any other kids in case their parents want to amuse themselves for a little longer…and don’t tell the Little Clown. You have to help her enjoy the fantasy now.

Child: I knew it! I knew there was no such thing as Santa!

He was pleased with himself for a long time about that last one.