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Cultural Conservative

When I was a lad, the cheapest place to buy beer was the local Working Man’s Club. My dad played in the dart’s team and could get Guinness for about 80p per pint. A few years later, we moved and the cheapest Guinness was to be had at the Conservative Club. It was a cool place to hang out. They had snooker and darts and a disco every Saturday. I played my first ever game of Space Invaders there.
I expect that, had he been around in the late 18th century, my dad would have hung out at the local Episcopalian Church with George Washington.

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Matt March 9, 2007

Your dad hanging out at 18c church : modern notions of why people “go to church”

Kevin the kid hanging out at a [club=pub=bar (to americans)] : modern [american] notions about kids @ bars

They both have the potential to produce quizzical looks for interestingly flawed reasons 🙂

Interestingly enough (to me at least), I was having a conversation just today with a mutual friend from yorkshire about the notion of english “clubs”. I don’t quite get what they are, but what I think of is lots of cigar smoke, leather chairs, dark wood paneling, newspapers being read, lots of of heads turning when someone says “Good day, Major” and an absence of women. I thought men went there to talk about affairs of substance, drink, and to get away from their wives.

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