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Hosting multiplayer games – advice please

I have a bunch of games that have a multiplayer option but my ISP (SBC Yahoo) does not allow inbound socket connections unless you have a business account (which costs $$$$$$).

What do other people do? Does your ISP allow inbound connections? Which? How much?
Seems like it would be easy to write a little port-forwarding thingie to run on my Dreamhost shell account and then connect to it from my house to fake local connections. Anyone know if such a thingie exists, before I write it? Seem like a good idea?


2 responses to Hosting multiplayer games – advice please

Matt March 7, 2007

Get Comcast cable… Costs the same as SBC DSL, but for me it is much better. Used to get 1.3Mb/s on the best of days, 1Mb/s usually. Now I get 11Mb/s on the best of days. 7Mb/s usually and hasn’t been down once.

Are you sure about that restriction?

Kevin March 7, 2007

My DSL is plenty fast enough and reliable enough…but I can’t host multiplayer games.

SBC DSL is $20/m w/ dynamic IP. $45/m w/ static IP. Inbound connections are not allowed on dynamic IP.

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