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What’s that you say General?

I have been outrageously busy for the last couple of weeks so I have not been keeping up with the news but, last night, I finally caught up with my Jim Lehrer’s New Hour watching and…it was disturbing.

One of Bush’s most common refrains since the war began has been: “I listen to the generals on the ground. If they say they want more troops, I’ll send em”.

Leak after leak (like L. Paul Bremer’s book) has shown that the generals have been asking for more troops all along.

Sadly for them – and for all of us – now that the generals have started talking about drawing down the number of troops, the president wants to increase it…and what might a stubborn president do when his generals say things he doesn’t want to hear?

Fire them and get new ones.

The president seems to be crawling out on his limb – saw in hand – increasing isolated from reality. He has long isolated himself from the reality-based media. Now he seems to be doing the same with the reality-based generals.


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Aaron Rhodes January 9, 2007

Really, any story about the presitend lying personal gain of money or power, or doing something that is totally against what the majority of hi s’subjects’ wish him to do … is not news. If we hear that he decided to tell the truth one day, or stop spying on his ‘followers’ … THAT woul dbe news.

I think his current goal is to spend the end of his term making a mess of everything possible. The upcoming democratic administration will have to clean it up (which will recieve widespread criticism no matter what) and that will put them in enough disfavor to fix an election for Jeb.

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