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Cynical Pastors

So, Pastor Ted…

Is he:

  1. someone who believe what he preaches?
  2. someone who does not believe what he preaches but believes that the world is better if his flock believes it?
  3. a complete con man?

My Cynical Caesars Theory would suggest 2) but in the Pastor Ted’s case, I’d put my money on answer number 3).

Watch this spooky video at YouTube in which Richard Dawkins interviews Ted Haggart. A couple of years ago, a video like this would have terrified me but, more and more, I feel that the danger has passed.

We’ll know more on Tuesday.

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4 responses to Cynical Pastors

Julio November 5, 2006

I was reading some of the comments, and came across this:

“If the Christian god is such a powerful intelligent designer, how come he can’t come up with tunes any better than Contemporary Christian Music?”

So there you go, that should be evidence right there that there is no god.

> We’ll know more on Tuesday.

I don’t think that Tuesday will change those things much. As I understand it, Tuesday is about Iraq, not about church & state, evolution & id, repressed science, or the earth is 6,000 years old because the bahble says so. That, and other scary stuff, will survive Tuesday. I’m certain of it.

Julio November 5, 2006

You might enjoy this interview as well. This time Dawkins is the one being interviewed, to talk about his new book.

Kevin November 5, 2006

Tuesday is about whether we should let Lunatics Run the Asylum. If We the People decide that we’d prefer not to have the Ted Haggarts, the Tom Delays, the Bob Neys, the Randy ‘Duke’ Cunninghams and the Katherine Harrises running the show it will be a sign that the danger has past.

Julio November 5, 2006

One more. This one is talking about post-Tuesday-world 🙂

“I don’t see what future the world has, as long as people think like that”

(that’s Dawkins talking about fundies…from any side)


See how different what this guy is talking about is from say Ted “I did not have sex with that man” Haggard talks about. Or even what other fundies believe.

Tuesday? If it’s any good, it will just be a step in a 10,000 mile journey. Or something.

I hope you’re right though.

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