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Gaining Something Else

I was just reading an interview with Matt and Trey (South Park is in way up in the top 3 favourite shows in our house) and a couple of things jumped out. First of all, I love this line from Trey :

So I think we’re losing our edge, but hopefully we’re gaining something else.

I have always worried that South Park will get more and more extreme until eventually they start making fun of shark-jumping. Gaining something else would be fandabidoze. They seem to gain something else every season and long may they continue to do so.

I watched Team America a while back and I found it incredibly offensive. Not because of the puppet sex [I like sex and I like puppets] or because of the subject matter or the swearing or the 10 minute vomit scene. I felt they had crossed a line where they were saying nothing matters, nothing at all.

That’s why South Park is so great. It’s not cynical. It’s curious – like a 4th grader. Like Trey said,

South Park has never been a cynical show and a show where we just want to throw gas on the fire and ‘F**k all you.’ It’s never been that. It’s always been trying to lighten things up. And that’s what we hope we’ll keep doing with the show.”

Or even better like the pope in Bloody Mary said,

A chick bleeding out her vagina is no miracle. Chicks bleed out their vaginas all the time.

They just tell it like it is. Like a little kid would see it.

Randy: But the statue wasn’t a miracle!
Stan: Yeah. The statue wasn’t a miracle, Dad. So that means you did it. That means you didn’t have a drink for five days all on your own.

Team America was like, all you people who care, fuck you. If 98.7% of the people watching are being satirized, is it still satire?