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Diving in History’s Dumpster

I came across this from 2003

It has been a week of some vindication for hawks, but doves are right in denying that their full arguments — about the dangers of preemptive war, fomenting terrorism, destabilizing world alliances, and so on — are thereby proven wrong.

That’s an understatement to say the least (except the first bit). This is the saddest part though…

Ultimately, the best reasons for supporting the war were liberal, humanitarian ones. Will antiwar leftists be able to accept that?

Sully was dead right about that. The tragedy is that America would never have gone to war for liberal, humanitarian reasons but, if it had, it might have found a way to do it in a liberal, humanitarian and – most importantly – multi-lateral way. And now that we have post-hoc justified the war in terms of liberal, humitarian reasons – the others having turned out to be phantom reasons – I fear most of all that America will shy away from ever going to war for liberal, humanitarian reasons ever again.