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Blogging the Bible

I have started reading the Bible several times – starting at the very beginning – but I never made it past Exodus. Slate has a series called Blogging the Bible in which the author, David Plotz, has embarked on the same journey and is blogging as he goes. I just made it to the end of Genesis.

It’s interesting to read the analysis by a Jew because I have only ever seen the bible through Christian filters. I know almost nothing about modern Judaism – I know more about Abraham’s religion than I know about a modern Jew’s – so it’s fascinating to read along with him as he discovers things about his own religious practices that he didn’t previously understand.

David Plotz has made it as far as Leviticus. I hope he keeps going to the end – and maybe even through the New Testament – and I hope I can keep going with him. It’s a good book ™.

UPDATE : I didn’t previously notice that there was an intro to the series.