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This time … more than any other time…

It’s all a ploy to confuse the enemy. In fact, the whole Rooney/injury thing… all a ploy…

We do it every four years. Our strategy is to look really terrible for the first round and then just squeak out of the group by way of arithmetical gymnastics in the last game against Poland. In the following rounds, we put on a stunning performance against at least two world cup powerhouses – leading to predictions which include the phrases /this time/ and /all the way/ – before getting knocked out by Germany on penalties.

This year we are being a bit more adventurous by actually winning a game in the first round. This time I think we can go all the way.

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8 responses to This time … more than any other time…

mark woods June 14, 2006

“This time we can go all the way”
Dear Kevin- the cleverest person I’ve ever known – if you think England can go all the way , you are losing it mate.
Come on – quarter finals at best – and thats only when we scrape past
Ecuador in the last 16.

kevin June 14, 2006

Hey Mark – I think the last time I saw you was during the 1990 world cup when we watched England get beaten by Germany on penalties. We watched it at your mum’s house.

mark woods June 22, 2006

And we had chilli con carne for dinner!
I think I’ve seen you a few times since – but maybe only once or twice.
When kids are a bit older we’re coming to visit!!

mark woods June 27, 2006

Still feeling we can go all the way?

Kevin June 29, 2006

It’s all part of the script. We can beat Portugal and Argentina. That puts us in the final!

mark woods July 1, 2006

See my post 3:40pm June 14th.

Lucy and Chloe have experienced their first England penalty shoot out
– but I’m pleased to say it doesn’t seem to have affected them.

Another sad day in the life of an English football supporter.

Euro 2008 here we come.
Not sure who I want to win the World Cup now – leaning towards France I think.

mark woods July 5, 2006

Nope – can’t go with France. Got to go with Italy. They deserve it for beating the Germans . Fantastic game.
Seeing France tonight makes you think “if only” – they were beatable by us tonight.

Kevin July 6, 2006

There is now one more place that I have to avoid while there is a big game waiting for me on my TiVo – the comments in my own blog 🙁

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