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Please don’t tell me the results (2) …

In the old days, if the commentators of one game wanted to share the score of another they would say..

The score of the XvY game is about to appear on the screen. if you don’t want to know the result, please look away now.

Now you have to take counter-measures to avoid finding out who gets whacked in The Sopranos before the season even starts. The media has whole teams of people whose job it is to spoil your enjoyment of reality shows, sitcoms, movies and even American Idol by telling you the ending before the show is aired.

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Matt July 6, 2006

Another insidious development is showing bits of what happens after the commercial break, before the commercial break. A mini-commercial that reveals the plot. I always have to yell “gah don’t tell me! While trying to avert my glance while fastforwarding the Tivo.

I can’t imagine what idiot thinks this is a good idea, but it’s sadly gaining acceptance.

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