Please don’t tell me the results…

… I have the game TiVo’d.

This is a standing rule that sports fans understand very well. It’s the not-quite-fans who have trouble understanding. They think they are doing us a favour 🙁

So, not-quite-fans, follow this simple rule to save yourself – and, more importantly, the victims of your good intentions – a lot of heartache. Before you say anything about the game, ask this simple question :

Do you know the result of the Team X vs Team Y game ?

Thank you for your cooperation.

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3 thoughts on “Please don’t tell me the results…”

  1. When I first read your post I wondered who would do such thing. Though I could see that you’d rather be safe than sorry, I imagined that this wasn’t really a problem.

    Then this morning alone, 3 people came to my office and volunteered the USA-CR result, even before I had the time to say hi. I don’t really care, but I can see how frustratring that can be.

    I like to think the reason I was told, is because people know I don’t care. But then, why tell me at all?

  2. I haven’t managed to avoid the results for a single game yet. On Saturday, I went for a quick swim while I waited for Georgina to come home so we could watch the Argentina game. The pool monitor notices I am wearing an England shirt and says “Did you see Argentina’s win yet ?”.


    Today I have to avoid the results of both the Brazil game and the France game. No chance 🙁

  3. No excuse, but I think the thinking is that if you are that into it, such that hearing results prematurely would be upsetting, then you’re the kind of person that watched it live.

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