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Philosophical Comprehension

Here’s a quick way to test whether you understand what’s going on or whether you are still clueless like me.


There are three people on a bus going to the beach. One person says “Does anyone want a newspaper?”

The correct answer is:

  1. No, I’m fully up-to-speed with the day’s events already thanks.
  2. Yes, please. I’d like to check up on the opinions of the cognoscenti.
  3. There’s a purveyor of newsprint on the corner. Hold on a sec, I’ll get one for you.


During a telephone conversation, the caller says “We have no food in the house. You should pick something up for yourself and your daughter. Some chinese or something.”

The correct interpretation is:

  1. We have no food in the house. If you are hungry, you should pick up something you like. Make sure it’s something your daughter likes too.
  2. Your daughter is hungry. She likes chinese food. Please bring her some.
  3. Please bring me some chinese food.

I always get these questions wrong. I think I am missing an important component of comprehension. An X chromosome or something.


7 responses to Philosophical Comprehension

Carol Chandler June 1, 2012

Isn’t this just the whole Mars v Venus thing?

Kevin June 1, 2012

Someone should put together a phrasebook. What’s Venusian for “My hovercraft is full of eels”?

Georgina Lawrence June 1, 2012

Apparently being married 20 yrs does not count for much:(

Bob June 15, 2012

I read it as #1.

Georgina Lawrence June 15, 2012

Fail…correct answer is #3…

Stuart Thompson June 28, 2012

I struggle with these. Sentences that get me usually start with some form of “Did you want to …. ?”

e.g. “Did you want to come to the market with me?”
or “Do you want to hand me that spatula?”

Kevin June 28, 2012

They are tricky, those people.

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