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You don’t need no satisfaction

I’ve been following the RSS feed for Thinking Aloud. It’s a series of interviews with philosophers and other thinkers, asking about topics where philosophy meets our everyday lives.

The quality of the interviews has been mixed at best. I loved AC Grayling’s but, then, I always love his writing. Others, not so much.

Today’s interview just sparkled or, rather, whatever the antonym of sparkled might be. Smouldered, perhaps.

You should watch it, especially if you are someone who thinks that philosophy has no relevance to ordinary living. Prepare to be burned.

Adam Phillips: On Pleasure and Frustration

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one response to You don’t need no satisfaction

Jeffrey Fredrick November 11, 2011

I really liked his closing: “… they would keep alive the idea that we don’t know we might be come. And that who we want to be is very important.”


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