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Captain, My Captain

When I first started fingerpainting, I would slap out a picture in an hour or two. As I got better at it, I would pay more and more attention to the detail and it took longer and longer and became less and less fun.

I was able to whack this one out in a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun.

PS I didn’t finish the left breast because my battery ran out on my iPhone. Sorry Aaron.

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4 responses to Captain, My Captain

Jeffrey Fredrick October 21, 2011

Very impressive work! A great job capturing the spirit of the man and the event.


georgina October 21, 2011

What Jeff said…you really captured his look and his soul…awesome job captain MY captain:)

Aaron Rhodes June 10, 2022

The painting you created for me was actually one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. I still use this image as an avatar in many places. Thank you, Kevin, for this small gesture; For me, it was a large one.

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