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Live well

This is as fine a definition of virtue as I have ever seen.

Why is self-assertion important? “We have a responsibility to live well. Our challenge is to act as if we respect ourselves. Enjoying ourselves is not enough.” But doesn’t self-assertion clash with our moral duties to others? “No. The first challenge is to live well — that is ethics” and then to see how that connects with what we owe other people “ which is morality. The connection is twofold. One is respect for the importance of other people’s lives. And the other is equal concern for their lives.”

Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian

Mr Jeffries is the Guardian’s Frank Rich. Mr Rich just resigned from the New York Times right at the moment that they are asking me for $$$$ to continue reading it. He is a big loss to the op-ed page. Lucky for them they gave me a free subscription or I would’ve been outta there,

For years, Mr Rich was an art critic or something but he wrote about whatever-the-hell he wanted. It’s usually the big political issue of the day but very often on big philosophical questions. Eventually the NYT realized that Rich was more of an op-ed kind of guy than an art critic kind of guy and moved him to another page. He has gone to the New Yorker or something and I will miss him sorely.

But there’s still Stuart Jeffries in The Guardian.

One day he’ll be interviewing the star of Danish police drama that is apparently the most popular show on BBC4. The next he is opining on morality or commenting on the budget.

He is great to read but I wonder what it is like to be his editor.

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Mr. Kent McNeill April 1, 2011

Rich is going to New York Magazine, not the New Yorker. how either continues to be in business is sort of a mystery, though especially New York Magazine.

the NY Times is basically bankrupt, while WSJ continues to be profitable in general – and WSJ.com has always followed a pay to play model. as a maker of shiny internet objects, i can hope for a world in which people don’t expect all bytes to be free, but i suspect nyt.com doesn’t have the muscle to make much of a difference. hopefully Jobs can get the job done before Apple slides back to its natural state of 8% of any market.

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