An End To Weeping

It cost me an E string and the skin off the top of my ring finger but I am done.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Recording Notes

Making music is hard.

I started with the drum track this time and it made everything so much easier. The rhythm guitar was fun even though you can’t really hear it over all the other tracks. I finished everything except the guitar solo in one day but it was another week before I could get back to it. Most of the drumming is me but I threw in a drum loop for the first verse just to see how it sounds. If I had picked a slightly faster tempo, I would have had a ton more loops to choose from. Oh well.


I played the piano part on the mac keyboard. I could’ve re-recorded it on a real piano when my midi cable arrived but I was too lazy. I did record the bass on the piano though. Can you believe I had my piano for 20 years before I got a midi cable? I thought so.

In that extra week, I had got much, much better at the lead and could play it through in one take and it was tempting to go back and re-record it but I was impatient to get to the solo.

Man, was that solo hard! I had to cheat a little. I recorded most of it in one go but had to go back and overdub the last bit because my fingers are too slow.

I got bored following the tab for the final solo so I ad-libbed a bit. I broke a string string bending to get that top A which is why it sounds a bit flat at the end – I was scared I would break it again!

I re-recorded the vocals too and was joined in a duet by guest vocalist, Mrs Clown. She was the photographer for the album art too!

Most fun song yet! On to the next one! It will involve dark desert highways.

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13 thoughts on “An End To Weeping”

  1. Yes I thought of that. I was going to write a whole other post explaining the pitfalls of garageband but, in the interests of my musical reputation, I will upload the big file now.

  2. LOVE IT!! As much a
    hard time us the family gave you, you rose above it all and produced a good job well done!!

  3. Excellent job. For the broken string, I always tune down a semitone on solos like this to give my strings (and my fingers!) a bit of relief.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your work.

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