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The New Clown. Less Ragged.

Strike another one off the list. I have a new theme (alongside the old theme shown for posterity).

New ThemeOld Theme

It’s not finished yet and hardly works at all on Internet Explorer and who knows what it will do on an iphone but better out than in, I always say.


6 responses to The New Clown. Less Ragged.

Jason Clark January 5, 2010

Hardly works on IE… Does that even need stating?

Jason Clark January 5, 2010

Oh, definitely like the update too. My site’s overdue for an overhaul, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Matt January 8, 2010

Your font is too yuge!

Kevin January 8, 2010

Wait until you get to my age. You’ll appreciate the big font.

Kevin January 10, 2010

Seems to work ok now. I also added support for gravatar. Check out Jeff and Julio’s handsome icons!

I still have to figure out where to put the search box and the rss feed icons.

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