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Bloggers Paradox

When I haven’t blogged for a while I get a pent up desire to blog something of significance. The more thought I put into that significant blog the less likely I am to actually write it. Which makes me less likely to blog for a while.

Blogs that I have not written in the last couple of weeks:

  • My evolving political worldview
  • My time on a nuclear submarine
  • Who are conservatives?
  • Some kind of analogy between local maxima in evolution and local maxima in political systems (like democracy, capitalism)
  • (related to previous) zero-tolerance of knives/fighting/etc in schools

It’s a shame. They would’ve been excellent. Ask me about them over beer.


4 responses to Bloggers Paradox

Tom October 15, 2009

This reminds me of a joke…

Husband: In our home I am responsible for the important decisions, and I let my wife deal with the little details.

Friend: What details does your wife deal with?

Husband: Things like what to eat, what clothes to wear, what furniture to buy, where to go on vacation, what car to drive, which schools the kids will go to, where we will live,…you know…

Friend: What are you responsible for?

Husband: Who will be president, how to solve the mid-east crisis, how to end world hunger, –and Kevin’s list above–

Tom October 15, 2009

How about some home brew this Saturday?

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