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Campaign for Real Republicans

I came across this again.

No, seriously. Remember Republicans? Sober men in suits, pipes, who’d nod thoughtfully over their latest tract on market-driven fiscal conservatism while grinding out the numbers on rocket science. Remember those serious-looking 1950’s-1960’s science guys in the movies — Republican to a one.

They were the grown-ups. They were the realists. Sure they were a bummer, maaaaan, but on the way to La Revolution you need somebody to remember where you parked the car. I was never one (nor a Democrat, really, more an agnostic libertarian big on the social contract, but we don’t have a party …), but I genuinely liked them.

How did they become the party of fairy dust and make believe? How did they become the anti-science guys? The anti-fact guys? The anti-logic guys?

If Obama wins (and I still don’t have the audacity to hope) next week, maybe the best thing that will come of it is that we get our old republicans back. I miss ’em.


one response to Campaign for Real Republicans

CaptainGroggySwagger October 30, 2008

Most everyone who tells me they are voting for McCaine tell me they are doing it because they have always been a Republican. It’s sort of like blind faith, which is also a common right wing trait.

I think they would like to think they are voting for the old guys building the Apollo rockets and driving their families down Route 66 on their summer vacation, and they have a hard time seeing through that image to the corrupted money grubbing thing it is today.

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