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A Post About Nothing


Ross Douthat thinks the candidates have gone all tactical when we want them to be strategic.

If you’re wondering why I was writing about baseball yesterday instead of leaping into the debate over whether John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and call for the delay of tomorrow night’s debate was a bold act of leadership, a brilliant piece of political theater, or a pointless, vote-losing stunt, it’s because the baseball season suddenly seems a lot more interesting than Presidential politics.

He agrees with my anonymous commenter that

If the election is going to be won, McCain and Co. have decided, it’s going to be won on trench warfare and intangibles, not substance. From the Obama camp’s point of view, meanwhile, the election is theirs to lose, so why take any chances when you can just meet McCain blow for blow and run out the clock until November?

It’s all very disappointing and a far cry from the transcendence I hoped for back in January

Maybe they’ll skip the silly name-calling that usually passes for political debate in this country and actually debate the issues a little. Wouldn’t that be nice. It might even be educational. Inspirational even.

All that’s left is to agree that it’s both candidates fault. There is no difference between them.

Same as back in 2000.