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Keep up the good work

“Aside from its obvious troubles—afflicting all the largest financial institutions (see chart)—Merrill is in damn good shape… Part of Thain’s job, like that of a good physician, is to do no harm. Meaning: Keep the cash machine going…”

Forbes, April 2008

Merrill Lynch in “best stocks for 2008” and AIG in 2007 “10 stocks to buy now.”

Fortune, 2008

“The fears surrounding the firm’s funding and liquidity position have been overstated,” says William Tanona of Goldman Sachs (GS) (which has done business with Lehman). His 12-month target: 58.

… “Lehman’s management, led by Richard Fuld, is the best in the business,” says [Punk Ziegel’s Richard] Bove.

Business Week, April 2008

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