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Wave the white flag of surrender

Had a pleasant conversation with a friend last week about whether McCain intends to keep American forces in Iraq forever, or just indefinitely. I think we concluded (at least I did) that both McCain and Obama would, at some point, decide that enough Americans had died and that the political situation was not improving and that the best way to force the issue would be to start withdrawing troops.

Here’s McCain, from 1993 and 1994, on when America should “wave the white flag of surrender” and when the deadline for withdrawal should be set and on whom the responsibility would lie should more Americans die.

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3 responses to Wave the white flag of surrender

julio June 8, 2008

you’re friend might argue that both times mccain was sincere, so it’s okay. it’s not a lie if you really believe it.

Matt June 8, 2008

He might argue that, but I don’t think he’d need to, because nobody is suggesting that he’s lying then or now, AFAIK. Good to see folks citing his experience advocating quick a withdraw from situations somewhat similar to Iraq, should he in his expert opinion find it necessary again. I’m glad I’m not running for president, lacking such real experience – we’re fortunate that one of the big parties is putting forward someone not similarly hobbled.

Kevin June 8, 2008

Yeah – I didn’t get that. I thought he was sincere too. Just wrong.

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