Where’s Kevin?

Went to Powell’s today. After 10 years of appreciating the fact that Barnes and Noble had two whole shelves full of books about science, it was a shock to find a whole store – about the size of my previously local Barnes and Noble – full of books about science.

The first 8 books I picked up were OMG-I-could-read-this-all-day books. I had to get outta there before I became lost in the singularity.

If you ever find yourself wondering “Where’s Kevin?” the answer, to a first approximation, will be “he’s at Powell’s”.

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8 thoughts on “Where’s Kevin?”

  1. If that’s the Powell’s Technical Bookstore on 8th street, I understand why. What a great store. I found a book there that went out of print decades ago.

  2. Bob got my hopes up, but alack they have neither “Understanding the Apple II” nor “Understanding the Apple //e” by Jim Sather.

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