It’s a suicide rap

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3 thoughts on “It’s a suicide rap”

  1. If Bruce is endorsing Barack Obama, doesn’t that mean that he sees hope in him?? Is there something I’m not getting?

  2. The video is saying:

    “All you people who called Obama elitist because he said that people turn to religion and guns and issues like that because they are bitter about being poor should say the same about Bruce. Because that’s exactly what Bruce says.”

    I don’t know who Bruce endorses, but he did not make this video.

  3. Hey if yu go onto Bruce’s website
    He and Estreet endorse Obama…Actually a very nice lettr he wrote.
    The book he speaks of is supposed to be good.
    I have the book The Audacity of Hope.
    Hve to read it next….
    Take care,

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