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9 months to go?

Saint Frank’s column today notices how we are all turning our back on Iraq, even the most passionate among us. But it’s not sustainable.

General Petraeus and Mr. Crocker define victory as “sustainable security” in Iraq. But both Colin Powell and Gen. Richard Cody, the Army’s vice chief of staff, said last week that current troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan are unsustainable and are damaging America’s readiness to meet other security threats. And that’s not all that’s unsustainable. An ailing economy can’t keep floating the war’s $3-billion-a-week cost. A Republican president intent on staying the Bush course will find his vetoes unsustainable after the Democrats increase their majorities in Congress in November. No war can be fought indefinitely if the public has irrevocably turned against it.

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3 responses to 9 months to go?

Matt April 13, 2008

Do you think Patraeus and Crocker meant to imply that sustainable security meant current US troop levels? If so, that’d be notably at odds with the rest of your post, otherwise, I’m not sure why it’s there, followed by a sentence that starts with “But”. Perhaps you just meant that though they used the word in referring to different things it’s just a bit ironic that they use the same root word.

Kevin April 13, 2008

[was quoting Rich FWIW]

I’d guess that Rich was noting that current troop levels (which Petraeus has recommended we maintain for the foreseeable future) are unsustainable…which makes the goal of ‘sustainable security’ a difficult one to achieve.

Matt April 14, 2008

I ASSumed that the sustainable security he means is the long-term steady state, where Iraqis shoulder most of the burden, and there are US forces there in much fewer (presumably sustainable by us) numbers. So the fact that our current troop levels are “unsustainable” isn’t in conflict with the goal of “sustainable security” in the long term, because we’re talking about different things.

Obviously we have issues sustaining the number of troops needed to get that victory.

I saw a brief interview with CPowell where he wisely said that we can’t maintain the levels that McCain wants, and can’t pull out as fast as the dem candidates want – sorta “good luck w that sucks to be you” thing.

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