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Double Dash

Last year, we bought Lego Mindstorms with vague ideas of entering the First Lego League tournament but i was put off when I saw videos of previous competitions.

The standard approach is to build a robot with pluggable arms that has three brain-dead actions. Go forward. Move the arm. Come back again so the human operators can change the arm and point the robot in the right direction for the next trick. There is no robotic finesse whatsoever.

If I had seen this video a year ago, my life might have turned out very differently.

I was gonna bring Mindstorms for something to do during my enforced batchelorism but I had no room in the car. I have a hankering for some robotics about now.

Oh well, I still have my taxes to do. And my ironing. And I have to finish my new WordPress theme. And practice my guitar. And draw something. And finish the genetic programming project and the diplomacy IM project and the Z80 emulator.

Three months to go.


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Kevin April 6, 2008


new theme is done (hey, Mac people how do thee fonts look? I found a site that told me which mac fonts to use but I haven’t used them yet)

ironing is done.

I house hunted.

found something appropriate to drink.

practiced guitar (and my fingers hurt from trying to do slides)

taxes not done but I have a whole nuther week for that.

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