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An Anniversary Riddle

Name that tune!


10 responses to An Anniversary Riddle

Kevin March 19, 2008

Name that tune!

Georgina Lawrence March 19, 2008

Thanks for clearing that up for me Captain Groggy Swagger. I would have had to wait for Dylan to play it for me.

I am touched.

Happy Riversity

Kevin March 19, 2008

Captain Groggy, I like to imagine that you got your axe and plucked away at those strings and figured it out from first principles.

Is that what happened? Or something less romantic?

Captain Groggy Swagger March 20, 2008

🙁 I thought it was the anniversary of your blog. I think I was a dumbass and wasn’t supposed to answer it. I am sorry. It reminded me of Perplex City.

I magnified it and read the words, saw that it was written in tablature and searched for the lyrics + tabs.

Erm… Happy Anniversary! *runs away*

Kevin March 20, 2008

You did exactly what you were s’posed to do…except I would have preferred you to figure it out on a guitar rather than google it.

Kevin March 20, 2008

BTW I was inspired by Perplex City to create my Happy Anniversary in the form of a puzzle. I had originally planned for Dylan to solve the puzzle and have him tell G, “Dad says ‘Wish you were here'” but then I panicked and worried that a) G wouldn’t recognize that it was a puzzle or that b) D would be too lazy to solve it. So I posted it on my blog where, I hoped, one of my puzzley-inclined or musically-inclined readers would post the answer for my wife to read.

Kevin March 20, 2008

G didn’t recognize it as a puzzle – or even that it was a custom-made anniversary card – until she read your comment.

Dylan figured it out from just reading the tab and made his father very proud.

Captain Groggy Swagger March 20, 2008

I don’t have a guitar on hand. Or rather I do, but they are all rather decorative and not in tune (At the Hard Rock hotel in Vegas). I did try to suss out the tune in my head as I do know how to read tabs, but I was not familiar with it. I do wish you a happy anniversary though and the future success of the garage band you and Dylan will be starting.

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