Ragged Clown

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Usability Problem

For all their brilliant design skills, they designed my room with a usability problem.

When I dragged my jet-lagged, tired body into my dark, dark room, I couldn’t find the light switch because the room was too dark.

I turned on the bedside lamp so I could find the light switch – nothing. I went in the bathroom and put the light on there. Nothing.

I would have read the manual but it prolly would have been in incomprehensible squiggles instead of proper words and besides – I wouldn’t have been able to read it as the room was very dark.

I opened the door in case the light switch was on the outside – nope – and then I noticed the card slot thingie and a light went on in my head. When I put my card in the slot, the light went on in my room too. Oooh! I felt so proud!

I put my bags down and while I was rummaging in the cupboards to see what goodies were in my room, the light went off again! D’oh!

After three more times of stimbling over to the card slot in the dark, I realized that the light would only stay on if I left the card there….and then I didn’t feel so proud any more:-(