You can see my house from here!

What are the chances that my wife (actually, wife’s friend Rose) would take a random picture over London and get a picture of the flat where I used to live in Senrab St?

My House

(you can just make out my flat beneath that wisp of cloud to the right of the wing tip)

Now that she can upload her own photos, I guess she won’t need a Mac after all!

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4 thoughts on “You can see my house from here!”

  1. Senrab St trivia:

    1. Senrab is Barnes backwards
    2. I lived at #50
    3. Young Ted lived next door, downstairs from Old Ted
    4. Young Ted’s mum was the first tenant in 1872 (ish)
    5. Young Ted was born in the house in 1898
    6. Senrab St was the only street in the area not to get hit during the blitz
    7. We had indoor plumbing but Young Ted still had an outdoor privvy
    8. There was a pub at each end of Senrab St
    9. And a chinese takeaway
    10. and a corner shop.
    11. There is a house for sale on Senrab St at
    12. They filmed a Pot Noodle commercial in the house opposite mine.

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