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Without the taint of reality

Since the real Wikipedia is tainted by reality’s well-known liberal bias, conservatives now have their very own source of reliable information, Conservapedia.

Truthiness now has a life of its own. Maybe it’s evolving? Unlike the entry for Theory of Evolution (redirected from Evolution):

After much debate, the Conservapedia Panel has finished reviewing the Theory of Evolution page. We have determined that the article will remain protected indefinitely, to protect it from inevitable vandalism. We have decided that the article will not be changed in any major way. However, we agree that the article lacks an adequate, concise explanation of the Theory of Evolution.

Clearly if they didn’t protect it, the article would lose its distinctive character, like listing all the people who did not discover the theory of evolution:

The great intellectuals in history such as Archimedes, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton and Lord Kelvin did not propose an evolutionary process for a species to transform into a more complex version. Even after the theory of evolution was proposed and promoted heavily in England and Germany, most leading scientists rejected the evolutionary position.[5][6]

By an interesting coincidence, none of those people discovered penicillin either (or quantum physics! Idiots!).

What kind of information is so lacking in liberal sources of knowledge that conservatives have to have their own encyclopedias??

Check out their usage stats:

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