Secular Believers

The BBC is awesome.

This is the kind of programme that only the BBC can make and is likely to cause me to say something that will merit the response “Why don’t you go back to your own country then?”. To which I might reply “Maybe my new country can learn something from the old one so I don’t need to”.

I hope it’s a part of a series and I can find the rest. It raises the question “Why am I suddenly all atheist in America when, before, I was just someone who didn’t believe in God?”. Good question!

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5 thoughts on “Secular Believers”

  1. @Jeff – They probably don’t have one. They might put one together when nations will go to war because they disagree on how much money should be put under he children’s pillow after they lose a tooth, or when medical schools add tooth-fairianism-101 to their dentistry curriculum.

    For now, it seems that tooth-fairianism isn’t a problem big enough that it deserves a anti-tooth-fairianism movement big enough for the BBC to notice and try to educate kids about it.

  2. I never know when you guys agree with each other and when you don’t. I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up reading my husband’s blog because of it.

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