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Comment spam

I am experimenting with the auto-delete comment filter. Your comments will be deleted if they contain any of the words viagra, cialis or mortgage.

You shouldn’t  be talking about those things on my blog anyway.

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Julio Santos November 21, 2006

I don’t get many comments that talk about those things. I get plenty though, that talk about v1agra, m0rtgage and other stuff. Let me see if I get through.

Julio Santos November 21, 2006


Julio Santos November 21, 2006

Also, 85% of the spam I get is more subtle than that. It’s a simple “nice site” or “I agree with everything you said”.

Great as a moral boost, except that their site (now linked from mine) is some pen1s enlargement site. Bastards!

Kevin November 21, 2006

I am adding filters as I need them. I get a lot of “Nice site!” and for a while it was German poker sites all the time – but recently it has been correctly spelled medication which have stopped. If they figure out my filter, I’ll change it.

Anyway. S’cuse me as I have a REAL comment to approve. Come see it over at “Why they lost”. It’s my third real comment from a real person!

Kevin November 22, 2006

Apparently, it does not even nuke comments with the word mortgage in them.

Oh well.

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