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Why they lost

The New Republic has the answer:

Republicans, on the other hand, pretty much never change. They’re like a Terminator machine (and unlike the governor who played the Terminator and who has dramatically recast his ideology). Crush them in a machine press, or freeze them and blow them into tiny pieces, and they’ll just regroup and keep lurching forward, cutting taxes for the rich and jacking up defense spending.

Ever wonder why that is? It’s because conservatives have an apparatus in place to interpret every election. If Republicans win, it’s because they were conservative. If they lose, it’s because they weren’t. No matter what the facts may be, they will always conclude that the answer is to run further to the right.


4 responses to Why they lost

Julio Santos November 20, 2006

Not that surprising though, right? The “left” is more likely to be accused of flip-flopping, where’s the right is more likely to “stay the course”.

Is that true and am I likely to know why when I’m done reading Lakoff’s Moral Politics?

Kevin November 20, 2006

I don’t remember if Lakoff addresses Staying the Course.

Your explanation makes sense though (in a doesn’t-really-make-sense-but-explains-everything kind of way).

Kevin November 21, 2006

I’ll put you down for “they would’ve won if they’d been more conservative” then.

I agree that the country would be a better place if the Republicans were more conservative (by which I mean balanced budgets, not invading countries at random, not overriding states’ rights, not trying to control people’s private lives, not locking people up without due cause and due process) – but they would still have lost.

At least now, the dems can do the-opposite-of-the-republicans and please both conservatives and liberals at the same time! Win-win!

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