Ragged Clown

It's just a shadow you're seeing that he's chasing…



I haven’t received my copy yet but no doubt when I will do, I will experience a reaction similar to Bob’s to the intemperance of Dawkins’ language; and similar to the reaction I experienced when I read the Sam Harris book. But when I do, I will try to remember Douglas Adams’ words on the subject.

“Book critics or theatre critics can be derisively negative and earn delighted praise for the trenchant wit of their review. A politician may attack an opponent scathingly across the floor of the House and earn plaudits for his robust pugnacity. But let a critic of religion employ a fraction of the same direct forthrightness, and polite society will purse its lips and shake its head: even secular polite society, and especially that part of secular society that loves to announce, ‘I’m an atheist, BUT . . .'”

[lifted from Dawkins’ thoughts on his book tour]