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Proud to be a Fan

After the world cup, I said:

I hope beyond hope that Ferguson is able to work his magic and keep Ronaldo at ManU but, even if he does, this year will be extremely difficult for him.

Well, Fergie did work his magic and Ronaldo is still there and just gets better and better every week. He is easily the best player on the team right now. It’s nice to see that other people think so too:

Shirt number all but obliterated with mud, Cristiano Ronaldo’s early departure from the latest instalment of Manchester United’s thrilling renaissance was accompanied by the fans behind Brad Friedel’s goal hissing expletives and flashing V-signs, all presumably in the cause of In-ger-land. There was nothing new there except that on this occasion it was balanced by a scene of near-mutinous proportions. High in the adjacent Jack Walker stand there were Blackburn Rovers supporters applauding, rising to their feet in a show of old-fashioned politeness for a footballer who is wholly unaccustomed to being afforded such manners.

World poverty might be wiped out before some football fans will bring themselves to acknowledge Ronaldo’s more endearing traits but the applause was sustained and perhaps also unprecedented. Supporters the length and breadth of the country have tried to break his soul but, having failed so miserably, this was the first public recognition (outside Manchester) for the strength of character Ronaldo has shown since his World Cup ended with the Sun newspaper superimposing his face on a dartboard and a publicly stated desire to leave behind this country of rain and recrimination.

Sunday’s report in the Guardian

What a pleasant change to read something positive about football fans!