But that’s got spam in it

Whenever I get a comment from a stranger, I always agonize over whether to approve it. You see, my blog has a moderate first comment rule. The first time you leave a comment, I have to approve it. After that you can comment all you like and it goes straight on to the blog.

I’ve always worried that the spammers would start to hire people to post that first comment and open the floodgates. I had a rummage through my spam queue just now and, apart from finding Tom in there again (every time I look in my spam queue, Tom is in there. Email,blog, whatever – Tom is always in my spam queue. I am thinking of getting a Tom Is Not Spam t-shirt printed) I found two interesting pingbacks.

The first one was from this blog – www.truthfulnews.com – that looks like a real blog but every entry begins

OTB News wrote an interesting post today on
Here’s a quick excerpt…

and then quotes an innocent blogger like me. Would be cool to write a blogbot. It would save me a lot of typing.

I assumed the second one was a blogbot too but the entry for mine:

This side of Nagasaki day 1

A trip to Tokyo complete with raw eggs for breakfast and bottom-squirting toilets.

looks like it was written by a real person.

I looked at few more entries:

Squirt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Squirt is a caffeine-free citrus-flavored soft drink created in 1938 by Herb Bishop. Bishop created a new carbonated drink that required less fruit and less …

Welcome to the Official Squirtgun Website

01.03.06 – Happy New Year! Flav has been busy finishing up his new solo CD at Sonic Iguana Studios with Mass.

and I spotted a theme. They all have the word squirt in them. Check it out – http://rocky.radiofreemedia.com/squirt.html (WARNING: it’s a web site about squirting. Not safe for minors, miners or mynahs).

How would you like that job?

Someone to google for web sites with the word squirt in them and them summarize them on our blog.

A Pyramid of Spam

Everyone has a theory about spam. Most are variations of the Barney in Florida Hypothesis. If you send out 18 million ads for v1-agara you only need to sell one little bottle to make a profit – and Barney in Florida will probably buy one. The Barney in Florida Hypothesis is not only wrong, it’s actually a sales pitch.

Here’s my hypothesis.

No-one has made any money from spam since about 1998 except the people who sell spamming software. Their pitch is that if you send out 18 million ads for v1-agara you only need to sell one bottle (to Barney in Florida) to make a profit because our spamming software only costs $28.95.

Barney doesn’t buy v1-agara, he buys spamming software. He has evidence that Barney will buy spamming software because Barney just bought some…and if Barney is stupid enough to buy spamming software, maybe he’ll buy some v1-agara too. Hey! He only needs to sell one bottle to break even.

It’s a pyramid scheme.

In a couple of years, everyone who might wager $28.95 on an 18 million-to-one bet will have all the spamming software they need and the whole spam period will be consigned to the dustbin of internet history.

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