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Turing Test


In the comments of a review of a book about Turing… I guess it’s probably fitting that so many computers have been used to tell strangers “Haha u r so gay”.

Whose side are you on?


After reading a biography of Einstein, I became convinced that Einstein was not an atheist but a deist. He was offended when atheists claimed him as one of their own. But I am offended on Einstein’s behalf when religious people … Continue reading

Some more heroes


I think I blogged before about how I am going to have a wall of heroes ifnwhen I get my own study ifnwhen we get our nice house. I started planning this about twenty years ago. I am gonna have … Continue reading

Another Flawed Flamboyant Genius


The NY Times reviewed Matt Ridley’s biography of Francis Crick today. He is an interesting character. Crick refused to meet the queen when she visited Cambridge’s new Laboratory of Molecular Biology because he disapproved of royalty, and he declined a … Continue reading