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Optical Dude: So how’s your vision?
Me: I can’t see crap anymore.
Optical Dude:  Yeah. You are about the age for that.
Me:  Should I consider progressive lenses?
Optical Dude:  Yeah. A lot of people like progressive lenses these days.
Me:  Would I be better off with bifocals?
Optical Dude:  Yeah. A lot of people prefer them.
Me:  You know. My current glasses work fine and I can still read without glasses. Maybe I should just get a pair of glasses for staring at the computer.
Optical Dude:  Yeah. That would work.
Me:  Let’s go with that then.
Optical Dude:  Yeah.


Me:  I’m just getting glasses to stare at my computer, so let’s go for the geekiest frames we can find.
Frames Lady:  These are pretty geeky. And these.
Me:  I like these best. How much are they?
Frames Lady:  $150. Your insurance covers $150, so they’d be free.
Me:  And the others?
Frames Lady:  $440.
Me:  Let’s go with the free ones then. They don’t look cheap?
Frames Lady:  Nah. They’re fine.

Geeky Glasses

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Georgina Lawrence January 28, 2013

I’m glad I got my privileges back for frame choosings after 1992!! I thought I’d lost them forever!

But the Optical Dude…he’s asking for it…

Kevin January 28, 2013

Mine are gonna look magnificent with my hat.

Matt January 28, 2013

Show us pictures with the new ones ON, you two.

I had progressive lenses – they did everything well. Close, far, like magic. But the prescription got stale so I got new ones. The new ones did everything well as long as you don’t mind turning your head to look *directly* at anything closer than 4′ or so. A few more trips back to the eye man who understood the problem and knew just the fix “larger intermediate zone!” and I now have different lenses, that have the exact same problem.

I use computers from time-to-time, and “sometimes” the monitor is closer than 4′. They’re not good for that.

I found an ancient single-vision pair of glasses in some drawer that are scratched to hell that HAPPEN to have just the right prescription for computer work. Hazy – (lots of fine scratches) but not blurry (except the distance, which is totally blurry because the prescription is old, as am I).

I remain in this frustrated state until I go back to my doc for the zillionth time to give him MORE money for new single-vision lenses optimized for computer distance. Or wait till insurance pays for lenses again and go somewhere else.

TL:DR progressives are excellent if your prescription isn’t too strong. If you do have a “medium+” prescription, they’re great too, as long as you don’t want to look at stuff. YMMV

I wish you were with me to tell my optical dude what I should get.

Kevin January 28, 2013

I checked out the prices after my visit. It turns out that progressives are really really expensive and by the time you add on all the fancy transitions and anti-scratchy stuff they are really really really expensive. It’s much cheaper to buy two pairs of glasses especially when you already have a perfectly good pair of glasses for everything except staring at computers.

I haven’t received my new geeky glasses yet. I am not even sure that the featured ones above have any resemblance to my actual glasses – I just googled geeky glasses and they looked close enough.

They really will look awesome with my hat. I am going for a Breaking Bad look.

Carol Chandler February 18, 2013

What in English are progressive lenses?

Kevin February 18, 2013

Progressive lenses are like bifocals without the lines. There is a more gentle transition between near-vision and far-vision.

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