Optical Dude: So how’s your vision?
Me: I can’t see crap anymore.
Optical Dude:  Yeah. You are about the age for that.
Me:  Should I consider progressive lenses?
Optical Dude:  Yeah. A lot of people like progressive lenses these days.
Me:  Would I be better off with bifocals?
Optical Dude:  Yeah. A lot of people prefer them.
Me:  You know. My current glasses work fine and I can still read without glasses. Maybe I should just get a pair of glasses for staring at the computer.
Optical Dude:  Yeah. That would work.
Me:  Let’s go with that then.
Optical Dude:  Yeah.


Me:  I’m just getting glasses to stare at my computer, so let’s go for the geekiest frames we can find.
Frames Lady:  These are pretty geeky. And these.
Me:  I like these best. How much are they?
Frames Lady:  $150. Your insurance covers $150, so they’d be free.
Me:  And the others?
Frames Lady:  $440.
Me:  Let’s go with the free ones then. They don’t look cheap?
Frames Lady:  Nah. They’re fine.

Geeky Glasses

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7 thoughts on “Affirmation”

  1. I’m glad I got my privileges back for frame choosings after 1992!! I thought I’d lost them forever!

    But the Optical Dude…he’s asking for it…

  2. Show us pictures with the new ones ON, you two.

    I had progressive lenses – they did everything well. Close, far, like magic. But the prescription got stale so I got new ones. The new ones did everything well as long as you don’t mind turning your head to look *directly* at anything closer than 4′ or so. A few more trips back to the eye man who understood the problem and knew just the fix “larger intermediate zone!” and I now have different lenses, that have the exact same problem.

    I use computers from time-to-time, and “sometimes” the monitor is closer than 4′. They’re not good for that.

    I found an ancient single-vision pair of glasses in some drawer that are scratched to hell that HAPPEN to have just the right prescription for computer work. Hazy – (lots of fine scratches) but not blurry (except the distance, which is totally blurry because the prescription is old, as am I).

    I remain in this frustrated state until I go back to my doc for the zillionth time to give him MORE money for new single-vision lenses optimized for computer distance. Or wait till insurance pays for lenses again and go somewhere else.

    TL:DR progressives are excellent if your prescription isn’t too strong. If you do have a “medium+” prescription, they’re great too, as long as you don’t want to look at stuff. YMMV

    I wish you were with me to tell my optical dude what I should get.

  3. I checked out the prices after my visit. It turns out that progressives are really really expensive and by the time you add on all the fancy transitions and anti-scratchy stuff they are really really really expensive. It’s much cheaper to buy two pairs of glasses especially when you already have a perfectly good pair of glasses for everything except staring at computers.

    I haven’t received my new geeky glasses yet. I am not even sure that the featured ones above have any resemblance to my actual glasses – I just googled geeky glasses and they looked close enough.

    They really will look awesome with my hat. I am going for a Breaking Bad look.

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