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Lady by a Wall

I started this picture ages ago but I got frustrated trying to draw her face. So she has been stuck on my iPad for about a year waiting for me to finish. Then, when I came to finally finish her, Art Studio crapped out on me and wouldn’t start. I had to back everything up, delete it and reinstall. After all that, I was just in a hurry to get it done.

I don’t even remember who painted the original. It looks a lot like Lord Leighton or Alma-Tadema, both of whom I adore. It’s almost certainly something that’s in the National Gallery because I have a backlog of sketches from my last trip there two years ago.

I don’t find sketching as relaxing as I used to. I need to find something easy and fun to sketch next to help me recover the passion.

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5 responses to Lady by a Wall

Allen Liu December 2, 2012

Nice job! We should of had you design/draw our logo or home page illustration! πŸ™‚

Kevin December 2, 2012

Found it. Original was by John WIlliam Waterhouse. Gone But Not Forgotten.

Matt December 6, 2012

Nice. The title adds something, too

Kevin December 7, 2012

Yeah the original title was more evocative.

Georgina Lawrence January 4, 2013

Last few drawings, I have preferred yours to the original.

One day you’ll do the one I like right?

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