Things I Got Wrong


  • Maester
  • Khal


  • Catelyn is much older and harsher than I expected. In my mind she had a stark beauty.
  • It was inevitable that Ned would look like Sean Bean but I had him older and more refined.
  • I can’t get the hang of Rob but Bran and Jon Snow are exactly as I pictured them. What’s the deal with Rob’s accent? Was he not brought up in Winterfell?
  • Arya is a little younger than I expected; Sansa is much older and much too tall. I don’t recognize her even though I know exactly who she is.
  • Robert as the fat dude from every english black comedy for the last ten years? Caught me by surprise. I expected a Brian Blessed-alike. It works though. I’ve already forgotten he was in Full Monty.
  • Cersei is close enough to be recognizable. Jaime too.
  • Joffrey is laughable. A cartoon character. Like the latter-movie Malfoy. Viserys is no better.
  • Tyrion’s actor is too familiar to be convincing. Tyrion in the book was much more evil in the beginning and only trended neutral in later volumes.
  • Daenerys is exactly as hot in a not-really-my-type kind of way as I expected. The book has her at 13 years old but I fully expected HBO to age her for guilt-free letching. They’ll sell more posters that way.
  • The Dothraki in general are not nearly exotic enough but Drogo is freaky. I expected mongols. It is known.
On a personal note, I am entirely delighted by Arya. She is by far the most interesting character in the book and the actress who plays her exudes chaos. I don’t know whether I’d rather be 9 years old so I could fall in love with her or be 9 years old and actually be her.


  • Well done on The Wall!
  • The clockwork cityscapes in the title sequence are charming.
  • I expected more exotic landscapes for the horse folk to wander over. More semi-desert, less south down.

Waiting for the little red envelope containing episode 3…back to reading book 5. Sigh. It’s a slog.

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8 thoughts on “Things I Got Wrong”

  1. I have to disagree with your assessment of Tyrion. He was never evil in the beginning, just honest and abrasive. I think if you were to re-read the part in the beginning where he talks to John Snow about owning what you are so it can’t be used as a weapon, you will see what I mean. On a side-note about Tyrion, I strongly believe his character and motivation were influenced strongly by Edger Allen Poe’s “Hop-Frog”.

  2. The only thing that got me through book 4 was the promise that all my favourite characters would come back in book 5. I have no such promise in book 5.

  3. You know nothing Groggy Swagger. To be sure the classic alignment chart (added to post above) has Tyrion right in the middle but I think y’all have been brainwashed. The only non-evil thing he does (spoiler alert) is be nice to Sansa but by that measure, even the hound has shifted to neutral ground. Everything he does (Tyrion and Sandor both) is for his own advancement.

  4. Could your alignment chart link to a larger — readable — image? Otherwise I’d need to go find it myself and that seems like a lot of work.

    (Added Hop-Frog to my instapaper reading list Groggy.)


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