Ragged Clown

It's just a shadow you're seeing that he's chasing…


Things I Got Wrong


  • Maester
  • Khal


  • Catelyn is much older and harsher than I expected. In my mind she had a stark beauty.
  • It was inevitable that Ned would look like Sean Bean but I had him older and more refined.
  • I can’t get the hang of Rob but Bran and Jon Snow are exactly as I pictured them. What’s the deal with Rob’s accent? Was he not brought up in Winterfell?
  • Arya is a little younger than I expected; Sansa is much older and much too tall. I don’t recognize her even though I know exactly who she is.
  • Robert as the fat dude from every english black comedy for the last ten years? Caught me by surprise. I expected a Brian Blessed-alike. It works though. I’ve already forgotten he was in Full Monty.
  • Cersei is close enough to be recognizable. Jaime too.
  • Joffrey is laughable. A cartoon character. Like the latter-movie Malfoy. Viserys is no better.
  • Tyrion’s actor is too familiar to be convincing. Tyrion in the book was much more evil in the beginning and only trended neutral in later volumes.
  • Daenerys is exactly as hot in a not-really-my-type kind of way as I expected. The book has her at 13 years old but I fully expected HBO to age her for guilt-free letching. They’ll sell more posters that way.
  • The Dothraki in general are not nearly exotic enough but Drogo is freaky. I expected mongols. It is known.
On a personal note, I am entirely delighted by Arya. She is by far the most interesting character in the book and the actress who plays her exudes chaos. I don’t know whether I’d rather be 9 years old so I could fall in love with her or be 9 years old and actually be her.


  • Well done on The Wall!
  • The clockwork cityscapes in the title sequence are charming.
  • I expected more exotic landscapes for the horse folk to wander over. More semi-desert, less south down.

Waiting for the little red envelope containing episode 3…back to reading book 5. Sigh. It’s a slog.