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Blog post spam

I finally caved under the weight of email spam. Ipad doesn’t have a spam filter and my email provider’s was not very good. I was getting about 50 viagras and “hi! I am sexy girl from Ukraine” and penis enhancers and “I am in the possession of 3 million euros” every day. So I switched to gmail. It’s pretty easy to switch. Just press a button in your dreamhost panel to switch all your email accounts for a single domain then create the mailbox for each user at the other end. Neat.

Hey presto! No more email spam!

But, seemingly by coincidence, just as the email spam stopped, I started getting heaps and heaps of disgusting comment spam on my blog. It’s tiresome, having to wade the pages of filth and, even though it feels like I am very good at spotting and deleting the spam at a glance, I always worry that I might delete a genuine comment.

I don’t often get comments from strangers, but it’s always just a little heartwarming when I do and I’d hate to delete them by mistake.

I figured it out. Duh!
All my blog plugins mysteriously disappeared a couple of weeks ago. I added them all back except the spam filter.

Problem solved. It helps to talk about these things.