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iPad vs Blogging

I haven’t been blogging much recently – mostly because it is so bloody difficult on the iPad.

I absolutely love my iPad but there a couple of things it completely sucks for. It especially sucks for editing.

When I blog, I like to write very quickly and then go back and edit. I move stuff around, I chop bits out and reword stuff – all things that are horrifically painful on an iPad. The worst part of it is that the web-based editor doesn’t work right. The wysiwig editor doesn’t work at all, but the HTML view keeps jumping back and forth every time you select something.

It also sucks for embedding images in text. As far as I can tell, it’s not possible.

Halfway through yesterday’s entry on the TSA, I switched to my Mac. Today, I’ll just type and type (typing is easy enough, even on the screen keyboard) but I just won’t edit. Wont even proofread it. I’ll just post it mistakes and all.

WordPress have just announced a new version of an iPad app for writing blogs. The previous one was a joke. I’ll let you know how the next one is if I ever get it to work.