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Monet’s Field of Poppies

I have a routine now. I google for an image on my iPhone and prop it on my knee while I sketch it on my iPad.

I think that’s enough copying for now though. Time to come up with my own idea. A portrait, maybe.

Funny thing about Monet prints…the images that turn up in the google vary so much in colour and tone that you have to decide up front which version of a Monet painting you are going to paint.

In hindsight, I like the muted one at top-right best but the yellow in the clouds makes me think the bottom-right is closest to the original.

Makes me want to go track down the original to see what colour it is. Anyone seen it?

Same deal with the Sunrise. Check it out.

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4 responses to Monet’s Field of Poppies

Mr. Kent McNeill September 30, 2010

ah, coquelicots! upper left is by far the closest to the original, color wise. assuming my monitor isn’t doing its own brand of distortion. but the key to the colors in the painting really are the sharpness of the orange in the poppies with the yellowy greens (a trace of which color you’ll also see in the clouds in the upper right, in the print i fingered). Basically, it’s a very yellow saturated painting, though the only true yellow is on the woman’s hat (which, accordingly, draws a sharp point of focus).

in person it’s amazing because it’s also quite a large piece.

the version on the bottom left is an abomination.

Kevin October 1, 2010

Upper left is my favourite – which makes me wonder why i chose the version with all that green

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