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After working much too late last night, I sat out on my newly-laid patio in my new Adirondack made from freshly-chopped-down, endangered, rain-forest hardwood wrapped in a scarcely-needed blanket with my daughter on my lap sipping rum and milk respectively.

We gazed up at the heavens – something we do all too rarely – looking for planets. I confidently pointed out Mars and my daughter asked me what that other fuzzy clump was.

Trusty iPad to the rescue!

If you point an iPad (or iPhone) filled with Star Walk at a star, it tells you its name. Turns out that the fuzzy clump was M5 and that Mars was actually Arcturus. I had been lying about Mars for years!

It also draws in all the constellations as you wave your iPad across the sky. It’s like Orion has OnMouseOver.

Star Walk – it’s what iPad was invented for. That sound you hear is Matt, clicking on the Apple Store right now.

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4 responses to Star-Strolling

Tom July 15, 2010

The other clicking noise is from our house…Thanks!

Rob July 15, 2010
Rob July 15, 2010

Wow — don’t put angle brackets in your comments 🙂

Maybe this will work: <click> <click>

Stuart Thompson July 15, 2010

Very cool! Hopefully an android based tablet will have something similar when it finally arrives.

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