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Good in Theory


So I had my first guitar lesson last night. Just like shopping for a guitar when you know nothing about guitars, choosing a teacher is tough. Likes the Blues? Check! Pink Floyd? Led Zep? Check? Little bit of theory? Check!

Man! Do we have different opinions of what a little bit of theory means!

He launched into a massive monologue about how the mixolydian scale works well over a dominant chord progression and how the tension from a flat seventh is resolved in the transition to the tonic with every point illustrated with an example of how Page would play it differently from Gilmour.

But you know what? I think I like it.

I followed a fair chunk of what he said and I’d like to understand the rest. I look forward to learning three new scales and a chord that I did not know even existed (I think I scored points by recognizing it as a jazz chord).

He even taught me new strum pattern so my son won’t laugh at me any more for making every song sound the same.

Rock on!