Taking the high road

Some free airtime for McCain:

“We are proud of that commercial.”
— John McCain

Is this what he is trying to say?

Some of the comments are interesting at the site where that came from.

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2 thoughts on “Taking the high road”

  1. ‘Twas only 1/3 of the ad that talked about the celebrity. I thought it was more addressed towards those that knew nothing of him other than his celebrity rather than the anti-elitist attack many others saw.

    Having great charisma and coming out of (relative) nowhere to beat Hillary yields it’s own momentum, and one of his biggest strengths.

    Seems reasonable for the GOP to speak to it. Sounds like a page from the Gray Davis playbook.

    I hadn’t previously heard the Obama is “awkward without a teleprompter” charge from a few folks in the comments on that site. I hope it’s not true.

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