Leftover Bits of Chicken On Sticks

Jeff sent me some leftover pictures of the Yakitori place.

A Performing Chef (and Rui in the foreground)…


Some leftover sticks from the leftover bits…


What sake looks like after too much sake…


What Yukio looks like after too much sake


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3 thoughts on “Leftover Bits of Chicken On Sticks”

  1. Who is taking all these photos? Did you get an iphone from there by any chance? You might’ve left that bit of information out.

  2. I am curious about the photos too. Why don’t I see you in any of them?! You could be pulling the photos off some other blog for all I know. I think I remember that stretching bit from a movie that you recommended…

  3. Photos are Jeff’s from his trip two weeks ago. He was at the same table in the same restaurant. Ate the same leftover bits of chicken, drank the same sake with the same Yukio.

    In fact, I didn’t need to come to Japan at all – I could have just blogged about Jeff’s photos.

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