Once again. Can We?

There are people who tell me that they haven’t seen Obama speak. They are missing something special.

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It's just a shadow you are seeing that he's chasing.

4 thoughts on “Once again. Can We?”

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard a better speech from a politician in my adult lifetime.

    Thanks for linking to it.

    It’s possible he’ll win the nomination based on talks like that (it’s worked well but not well enough so far), but to win the election he’s going to have to blend in some more concrete policy statements. He’s won hearts, needs to win minds. If I’m wrong, and he wins based on just hearts, that’d really be something.

    “It’s about change” feels good, because what we have certainly is broken, but he’s not running against Dubya for the nomination or the election so change is a given. For example, I read yesterday that someone … Goldman Sachs? in their most recent newsletter to their customers warned against McCain because his administration would crack down on big business. He’s so different that Rush Limbaugh tells his flock to save their votes till 2012.

    All the contenders offer change, perhaps some more than others, but enough of it that it doesn’t seem to be a credible foundation for any one candidate.

  2. Just saw your fine post a few down, and I’ll amend my comment here to recognize that one major candidate represents the status quo WRT a major ill : partisan politics.

    [Moved this misplaced comment at author’s request – ed]

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