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Do you think videos games will catch on?

I just went through Gamer Pro’s entire list of the 52 most important games of all time and could not see Space Invaders, Defender, Asteroids, Gauntlet, Pole Position or Manic Miner anywhere.

The list was probably compiled by youngsters.


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Kevin October 3, 2007

Post Script
Aaron thinks that Space Invaders was not influentual because there weren’t too many games where you had a little laser base at the bottom of the screen from which you shot at never-ending waves of aliens.

Captain Groggy Swagger October 4, 2007

I have also *never* heard of Maniac Miner. I think that we just have different perspectives on what makes a game “influential”. I consider influential to be genre-defining titles or ones that had an impact on the world outside of video games.

Take a look at how many bands and school talent show acts re-create the original Super Mario Brothers theme song.

What game other than StarCraft has 24-hour TV channels dedicated to it and been practically declared a national sport.

Name a game that is mentioned in modern pop culture more than World of Warcraft.

Genre defining titles such as Street Fighter 2, Ultima Online, Zork, Tetris, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Castle Wolfenstien, Dance Dance Revolution…

So, you may try to belittle me for my opinion of Space Invaders (a game that I played on my Atari 2600 for countless hours) but an opinion is an opinion.

Kevin October 4, 2007

Read your history sonny!


“Platformers were, at one point, the most popular genre of video game. At the peak of their popularity, it is estimated that between one fourth and one third of console games were platformers. No genre before or since has been able to achieve a similar market share.”

I had thought that Manic Miner preceded Donkey Kong. I was mistaken on that point but substitute Donkey Kong for Manic Miner in the OP and my point still stands.

Jeffrey Fredrick October 5, 2007

“Name a game that is mentioned in modern pop culture more than World of Warcraft.”


* Back in the day.

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